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Sandra Lehnert

Well you, I'm Sandy, I'm glad you're here. Let me tell you briefly who I am and what I do so that you know what you are getting into. I just started a distance learning in the field of gardening and landscaping, my absolute dream, because I like plants very much - 420! But until I'm done with that I have to stay in my tax office for a few more years.

Pretty dry, but luckily not forever. After work and sometimes before work, I do a lot of sports and fitness, and I also pay close attention to my diet, which does not limit me to any white, because I really enjoy doing it and it has almost become a hobby. Sometimes you have to be able to switch off after stressful days, preferably outside in the garden, where else.

Otherwise, I am definitely a woman who knows what she wants and where it goes. That does not mean that I can not be submissive, quite the contrary. Also, I'm more of the "nice guy", honest and helpful, just someone who would like to help anyone and everything. I have always liked to live, almost promiscuous. But then I met a user who brought me to a whole new idea, in which I was able to live up to much more than ever before.

With him I shot my very first amateur video. I was so excited at the time! The video was amazingly well received, which surprised and delighted me, because it was really fun and I already had 100 ideas for more videos that wanted to be put into action.

Not only could I do what I enjoy, but also share it with a whole community that likes what I do and with whom I can share, rediscover and let off steam. User turns with young men still have a special tension for me. I always like to meet new people and maybe we'll do something together.

I'm happy for you! Your Sandra

My Facts

Age: 35 Clothing size: 34
Residence: Deutschland Bh: 75D
Zodiac: - Shoe size: 37/38
Size: 1,67m Tattoos: -
Weight: 50kg Piercings:   -
Hair Color: Blond Intimate shaving: ja
Eye Color: blau    

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